Abandonment Survey

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SMA and the Drucker School of Management – Claremont Graduate University are conducting an anonymous study on ABANDONMENT to further a topic introduced by Peter Drucker in 1999.

Peter Drucker said: “The first step in a growth policy is not to decide where and how to grow. It is to decide what to abandon. In order to grow, a business must have a systematic policy to get rid of the outgrown, the obsolete, and the unproductive.

Abandonment does not need to be an epic event occurring at an enterprise level. To be effective, it must become part of the DNA of the organization. Abandonment can be minor activity conduct by one individual, or it could be the overall vision of the firm.

What does abandonment mean to you and your company? Please complete our survey and let us know!

    1. Do you practice abandonment in your business:
    2. What is abandonment? (Choose as many as you want from list)
      To end a business activity or process that is no longer value addedTo end a product or service line that is not profitableTo end a product or service line that is obsoleteTo end an initiative or project that is unsuccessfulTo stop using a system that is no longer productiveTo remove roles or responsibilities that are no longer neededTo terminate employees who are no longer performingYour own definition:
    3. Describe an example of abandonment that fits your definition:
    4. How significant was that abandonment?
      Major requiring a significant change to business practices or cultureModerate requiring some changes that most staff were comfortable withMinor requiring little change to business practices or culture
    5. Why did you abandon it?
      ObsoleteNo longer productive or value addedNot profitableReplaced by something newOther:
    6. By abandoning, did you achieve the results you expected?
    7. How difficult was it for your organization to deal with the abandonment?
    8. Should you make abandonment as a regular practice in your business?
      YesNo. Comments:
    Would you like to be included in our survey results?
      NoYes. Please provide your email address:

    SMA and the Drucker School of Management – Claremont Graduate University would like to thank you for contributing to the survey and the advancement of the management discipline!