Our Purpose, Values, and Principles

Our Purpose

SMA helps companies be more competitive throughout the program lifecycle. We offer Strategy, Management, and Analytics to improve our clients’ competitiveness from market entry, to winning business, to profitable execution. We assist our clients to achieve success on their programs with:
  • Management consulting
  • Capture support and proposal development
  • Data visualization and publications
  • Program management
  • Integrated program planning and controls
  • Technical management and engineering

Our Values

We are smart, passionate people unified by shared values and a common purpose. Our attitudes and behaviors define the SMA culture:
  • Judgment: think critically, act strategically, and display wisdom despite ambiguity
  • Professionalism: listen with empathy, treat everyone with respect regardless of disagreements or status, and maintain poise in chaotic or stressful situations
  • Honesty: become known for your respectful candor, truthfulness, and straightforwardness; and uncompromising integrity with the legal and moral ethics of our profession
  • Impact: excel in performance so colleagues and clients can rely on you with a predisposition to informed action
  • Passion: believe in what you do, and inspire others with your enthusiasm and tenacity by caring intensely about what we do for our clients
  • Generosity: give your time and expertise to help others succeed and contribute to our common purpose
  • Courage: seek to understand and improve outcomes by respectfully challenging prevailing assumptions and conventional wisdom

Principles of Our Business​​

Our core principles guide our conduct as a firm, our decisions with our people and workplace, and how we serve our clients:
  1. Resolve: knowing what to do is insufficient; we derive outcomes from an unrelenting resolve to find ways to do what we know needs to be done, regardless of the difficulty
  2. Commitment: we are responsive to each other and our clients through a shared commitment to act and behave at a high level of intensity
  3. Attitude: we have remarkable colleagues that we hire for their expertise and attitude. Every person at SMA is someone you respect and learn from, regardless of their role in the firm
  4. Trust: we build durable relationships with each other and our clients as the foundation of cooperation, goodwill, and loyalty
  5. Learning: as a learning organization, we focus on addressing the root cause of each issue, and strive to learn from each challenge
  6. Growth: We hold ourselves accountable to attain the skills required to grow with the demands of our business, markets, and clients’ needs
  7. Integrity: we consistently practice and enforce our values!

Why Our Clients Hire Us​

Our clients hire us for our deep functional expertise & domain knowledge, but we are most successful when we can demonstrate our integrated value proposition:
  • Unique collaborative engagement: our approach with our clients enables more courageous and committed choices
  • Focus on engaging where we can have an impact: whether to significantly improve a client’s ability to win new business or create a franchise, or to meaningfully enhance a client’s capability to manage program execution and risk
  • Operational strength and quality delivery: we address our clients’ needs informed by perspectives and insights gained from 40 years of corporate experience across the entire program lifecycle