10 Steps for US to Succeed in Complex Era of Great Power Competition

“The scale and complexity of the national security challenges facing the United States are unprecedented—and getting worse. The first step to success is a clear understanding of the complexity and nature of the challenges facing America today.”

By John Rood with contributions from Greg Treverton[1]

“There are many major national security challenges occurring simultaneously that in earlier periods individually would have dominated the focus of the government’s senior decision-makers. Dealing with multiple major challenges and crises at the same time is today’s reality. The stakes are higher too as we emerge from three decades of the post-Cold War period when the United States did not face a major threat to its security or to the values and individual freedoms cherished by Americans…”

In this latest white paper from SMA, John presents 10 steps for the United States to succeed in today’s complex era of competition between the great powers. To read more, download the white paper here:

10 Steps for US to Succeed in Complex Era of Great Power Competition (3095 downloads)


[1] John Rood served as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy from January 2018–February 2020. Greg Treverton served as Chairman of the National Intelligence Council from 2014–2017. Both are SMA Executive Advisors.

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Published on July 30, 2020 by

Dick Eassom, CF APMP Fellow