European Union

Europe Coming Apart?

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Will the European Union become less effective as an American partner? SMA Executive Advisor Greg Treverton looks at the EU’s financial problems, Muslim immigration, and political shifts

Marty Noel

Marty Noel

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We are sad to announce the passing of Marty Noel, an SMA Vice President and veteran Proposal Manager with numerous wins and a long list of highly satisfied clients

Lessons learned

Remembering Old Lessons

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In the first of a new series, “Lessons from the Frontline of Defense & Government,” SMA Executive Advisor Greg Treverton remembers two lessons learned from his days at the National Security Council.

Strategic Thinking

Rebuilding Strategic Thinking

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If our world is less existentially dangerous than the high Cold War, it is scary in its shapelessness. It is a world that needs strategic analysis: what is important, what is less so?

30 years

Bob Gurin: 30 Years at SMA

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Bob Gurin, SVP Proposal Manager, celebrates 30 years of service at SMA while training new SMA Associates how to develop winning proposals with the SMA proposal process

Xi Jinping

Parsing the Xi Puzzle

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Chinese President Xi Jinping is a puzzle. He understands our politics better than we understand his, but will he win the trade war with President Trump?

INF Treaty

[Point]Counterpoint: The INF Treaty

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President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty is not a disaster but is a mistake. Having a place for [the Russians and Chinese] to come [to discuss nuclear weapons], like the INF treaty, would not be a bad idea.

George Coutoumanos

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It is with great sadness that we report the passing of George Coutoumanos, Senior Vice President and an 18-year SMA veteran.


TOD on Tap Rides into Boston

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Earlier this month, SMA evoked Samuel Adams’ modern day “spirit” with brethren brewers to set the backdrop for our TOD on Tap in Boston exploring the gig economy and the on-demand professional.



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At the NDIA IPMD meeting in Dallas, Texas from 26-30 August, NASA briefed industry on the latest changes to EVM policy.

Global Strategy

Point[CounterPoint]: Trump’s Global Strategy

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There is a certain logic to Trump’s strategy: major global institutions, like the EU & NATO, were created in a very different time, and the war on terrorism distracted from the return of geopolitics among major nations, so it is appropriate to ask of any action whether it is good for America.


SMA Launches New Point[Counterpoint] Blog

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SMA’s Point[Counterpoint] will feature two distinguished authors, Greg Treverton and Dave Patterson, who have previously written controversial SMA opinion papers. Together, they will help readers explore opposing viewpoints on a wide range of topics. Readers are invited to contribute their point of view or to suggest topics for the series.

US Constitution

Point[Counterpoint]: The American Republic

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Time as any to reflect on the ending of the first American republic and to reflect on what may come next. Historians remind us that today looks a lot like the last third of the nineteenth century in its economic uncertainty, corruption, and government dysfunction.


The Power of Words

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While we can’t do without language when discussing international relations, that same language can limit and often distort our understanding. We need language but we are also its prisoners.

The Russia Paradox

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Russia is a failing petro-autocracy. Virtually everything Vladimir Putin has done temporarily extends Russia’s corrupt government but hastens its inevitable decline.

Drug Price

Who is Driving Your Drug Price Transparency Compliance Strategy—the Legislature or Your C-Suite?

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A wave of state and local legislation has the potential to change the profitability and business models of the pharmaceutical industry. California’s SB 17 law from October 2017 is a tipping point, catalyzing similar legislation across the country as states seek various approaches to managing prescription drug costs. While there are many dimensions to these laws, one focus is drug price transparency. Dr. …

Cold War

Cold War Redux?

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Rivalry between the great powers is an unwelcome surprise when the US had laser focused on the non-state threat of terrorism. So: is the Cold War back?

Global Trends

Global Trends and US Policy

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Based on current trends, what does the future have in store for us five years from now, and 20 years from now, and how might this affect US global policy, especially with respect to poorer countries?