Deltek Cobra

Deltek Cobra Earned Value by Budget Method

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The calculation of Earned Value (EV), or performance, is central to Deltek Cobra. EV is always measured at the work package level in Cobra, and the nature of the calculation depends on the Earned Value Technique (EVT) that is used by the work package. by Alan Kristynik, PMP Additionally, Cobra provides a project option that lets you choose to calculate …

The Importance of Details

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SMA Principal Associate Rick Riordan reminds us that contract and proposal management are based on reading every written word in any requirement: no shortcuts are allowed!


Change Is in the Air

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How Earned Value Management (EVM) can aid your understanding of how well your digital transformation activities to adapt to changing business landscapes are progressing

Lessons learned

Remembering Old Lessons

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In the first of a new series, “Lessons from the Frontline of Defense & Government,” SMA Executive Advisor Greg Treverton remembers two lessons learned from his days at the National Security Council.

Drug Price

Who is Driving Your Drug Price Transparency Compliance Strategy—the Legislature or Your C-Suite?

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A wave of state and local legislation has the potential to change the profitability and business models of the pharmaceutical industry. California’s SB 17 law from October 2017 is a tipping point, catalyzing similar legislation across the country as states seek various approaches to managing prescription drug costs. While there are many dimensions to these laws, one focus is drug price transparency. Dr. …