Getting to Know the EVM Agile Guide is Good for your Professional Health

Earned Value Management News: The National Defense Industrial Association Integrated Program Management Division (NDIA IPMD) is responsible for developing and maintaining the Agile Guide.

This outstanding document provides specific guidance to properly integrating Agile metrics (scheduling and performance) with EVM on those programs with formal EVM requirements.

As the Agile methodology has grown significantly in popularity in the last decade, many EVM practitioners have failed to properly integrate the two methodologies. This can result in DCMA CARs and operational inefficiencies. The IPMD has worked closely with DCMA and PARCA to document acceptable approaches to integrating the two methodologies. If you need any assistance in guiding your program in the right direction, this guide is a must read.

The comment period for proposing changes is closed. Version 1.2 is expected to be approved and released in May 2018. Version 1.1 can be found here.

Published on May 18, 2018 by

Dick Eassom, CF APMP Fellow