CA/PTW Assessment: Start the Journey to Improve Your CA/PTW Practice

Take this survey to assess your implementation and execution of Competitive Assessment/Price-to-Win (CA/PTW) on proposal efforts. Through the survey, you will identify strengths and weaknesses in your CA/PTW implementation. There are four CA modules and seven PTW modules. The assessment questions look for objective evidence that your CA/PTW implementation and execution aligns with industry best practices in each of the 11 modules. Given the assessment covers both CA and PTW, you may need to solicit inputs from others in your firm to complete the assessment. The topics covered are:
  • 1
    Opportunity Assessment: How do you assess opportunities?
  • 2
    Customer Assessment: How do you obtain information about your customer?
  • 3
    Competitor Assessment: How do you obtain information about your competitors?
  • 4

    Transitioning from CA to PTW: How do you use your competitive assessment data in your PTW?

  • 5
    Customer Funding Analysis: How do you know how much your customer has to spend?
  • 6
    Competitor Bid Tendency Analysis: Do you know how your competitors usually bid?
  • 7
    Top-Down Bid Envelope & ROM PTW: How do you calculate your rough order of magnitude (ROM) PTW?
  • 8
    Parametric Cost Analysis: How do you calculate your parametric cost?
  • 9
    Bottom-Up – RFP Analysis: Do you know how to analyze the RFP for pricing data?
  • 10
    Bottom-Up – Programmatic Labor (Hours and Labor Categories): How do you calculate your program labor?
  • 11
    Bottom-Up – Engineering Labor (Hours and Labor Categories): How do you calculate your engineering labor?
Please note that if you are a visitor to our SMA Learning Management System, you can only take the first two of the six modules. You can create a FREE, no obligation SMA Talent On Demand® (TOD®) Client account to access the other four assessment modules. A TOD® Client account gives you access to an exclusive network of vetted talent. TOD’s algorithm deciphers the requirements for your project and identifies the candidates with the best experience for your project.

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