TOD Pro™

As your business grows, your current processes for assigning and managing talent to support the volume and complexity of your projects may not be scalable without relevant automation. You need a talent management solution that supports the entire lifecycle of your employees across multiple projects.

Introducing SMA TOD Pro™

SMA’s Talent On Demand (TOD) Pro™ digitally enables the professional services activity chain from talent sourcing and project resourcing to delivery. TOD Pro™ enables you to capture relevant information to describe the capabilities and past performance of your talent, and ensure they have the right professional characteristics for each required role. For each project, TOD Pro™  ensures you:

  • Find the right talent for the effort
  • Optimize your workforce
  • Get the right capabilities
  • Rapidly meet your project needs


TOD Pro™ comprises modules that can be licensed to meet your unique needs, including:

  • Talent Portal provides your workforce with the features of TOD Pro™ to establish their profile including biography, deployment preferences, roles, project and employment history, and software/certifications. In this module, your talent catalogs their experience and past performance.
  • Resource Manager Portal is used by your account managers and practice leads to create projects, search talent, and select the right people for the effort.
  • Functional Manager Portal provides your Demand Coordinators with the tools they need to manage assigning talent to projects, authorize work, track availability, and track the success of each effort.
  • Recruiter Portal provides your recruiters with early insights into staffing gaps to ensure they are focused on hiring the right skills. TOD Pro™ also provides recruiters with a quality source of former staff and a database to compare recruits with existing talent.
  • Admin/Data Manager Portal provides your TOD Pro™ administrator with a console for managing reference lists, validations, messaging, workflow, process definition, and user access for the web and mobile applications.

We include native iOS and Android apps that give users access from their smartphones and tablets.

Next Steps

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