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Got Talent? Put It to Work at SMA

Our Talent On Demand (TOD®) platform revolutionizes how companies find expert short-term help by precision matching their needs with your professional experience. If accepted to our team of top talent, TOD® will put you in the center of the action quicker, at some of the world’s best companies, supported by our proprietary tools.

Work in an Ecosystem of Top Talent and Mission-Critical Projects

Our professionals come from all industries and stages of life. At SMA, you take charge of your career, and deftly apply hard-earned skills and talents. You become a critical resource to projects that matter, and work in a community of talent who are as passionate about your profession as you are.

Join us if you are driven by the freedom to choose your work assignments, want to control your free time or just want to make a difference. The traditional job market is not the only game in town. At SMA, you can take an active role in creating something better.

Onboarding with SMA is Easy

Whether you join is as an employee or an independent consultant, we make it easy. But don’t take it from us. Here’s what one of our new Executive Advisors told us recently:

“I can state with confidence from my personal experience of onboarding, that SMA has the most intuitive, easily accessible and best balance of concise, relevant information needed to expeditiously become a productive Associate. First impressions are a one shot event…….SMA hit it out of the park for me.”

NOTE: Stay safe from Recruitment Fraud! The only way to apply for a position at SMA is via this Careers page and our Talent On Demand (TOD)® platform. Click here to learn how to protect yourself from Recruitment Fraud.

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We Are Looking for Talent with Skills and Experience in the Following Areas:

CSPD Capture Support & Proposal Development: Do you have experience in business development, opportunity management, program capture, preparation of bids and proposals, or cost and pricing of offers?
GVDTP Graphics Arts & Document Publishing: Do you have experience in data visualization, computer graphics and illustration, graphics and document design, or desktop publishing?
IPPC Program Planning & Control: Do you have experience in planning and scheduling of complex projects, cost account management, product and activity cost estimation, earned value analysis, scheduling and Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) design and implementation?
SETM Engineering & Technical: Do you have experience in systems, mechanical, electrical, civil or another engineering discipline, computer science and software, industrial manufacturing and quality, biotechnology, life sciences, or environmental engineering?
PM Program Management: Do you have experience in managing projects, supply chain and subcontractor management, contracts administration, or data and document management
MC Management Consulting: Do you have experience in competitive and market analysis, cost analysis and strategic pricing, industry economics, corporate and go-to-market strategy?

Pursue. Win. Perform.®

If you have what it takes to help our clients PURSUE, WIN, and PERFORM, our strategy is simple: we recruit energetic and innovative individuals who see beyond the obvious, who think broadly and deeply, bringing greater value to our clients.