Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management Systems

Manage Programs, and Ensure Successful Reviews and Surveillance

We provide high-caliber Earned Value Management System (EVMS) services and tools expertise to the program management community. We are a full-service EVMS support organization that addresses the entire spectrum of program disciplines and technologies that challenge industry and government organizations worldwide.
A blend of technical and business management talent allows our staff to develop value-added approaches to satisfy our clients’ EVMS needs, and account for the practical realities of contemporary project management. We also provide a broad range of educational programs, project management software operations capability, and the ability to satisfy increasing demands for services in varied industries and project management environments around the world.
We apply the principles of EVM to new and existing environments, including a wide range of government (DOD, DOE, NASA, DHS, HHS, Treasury, and other civilian federal agencies) and commercial programs. Our tools, techniques, and processes enable our staff to implement systematic approaches to satisfying the unique requirements of each agency and program. Our relationships with government counterparts at DCMA, DCAA, GAO, OMB, and PARCA ensure you have current insights into regulatory changes and common drivers to compliance issues. We focus our expertise in:
  • EVMS design, implementation, documentation and operation
  • EVMS analysis and oversight
  • EVMS education, training and facilitation
  • EVMS tools implementation, configuration and integration
We are the industry leader in EVMS development and application, and have the largest pool of EVMS professionals, and industry proven solutions, to prepare your team to manage programs, and ensure successful reviews and surveillance.

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