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SMA is proud to release our Program Lifecycle Body of Knowledge series, distilling 40 years of proposal and program support excellence into easy-to-read references.

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Managing the Capture of New Business

Managing the Capture of New Business

A Guide to the Winning Process for the World’s Largest Program, written by Frank Cappuccio and edited by SMA

Crucial to the thinking that went into what you will read in this book is its revealing description of management tasks, activities, concepts, requirements, and other critical aspects of pursuing new business.

An executive charged with bringing in new revenues must understand and appreciate how to manage the vast complexity and scope of activities, and the leadership and coordination of individuals from many different parts of your organization. Some of the elements happen in a structured sequence; many happen concurrently; all must be managed. The emphasis is on managing, not blindly following a process. Do not misunderstand. Processes that work are fundamental, in fact, crucial to the successful garnering of business.

For the reader, there will be discussions of processes and their proper application in what follows. This book will help you develop a mindset to build winning teams and give you the tools to win consistently.

ISBN 979-8-9859536-2-6

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Essential Guide to Proposal Development

The Essential Guide to Proposal Development

How to Use the SMA Process to Create Winning Proposals

This book will familiarize you with the SMA proposal process—a process developed over 40 years ago that applies system engineering and program management principles to the development of responses to structured competitions including government procurements and formal commercial solicitations.

Why do we specifically use the phrase “proposal development” in this book?

Successful proposals are designed, engineered and built. The approach and process described in this book are based on systems thinking principles, just like how your firm’s product is designed, engineered, and manufactured, or your service offering is designed, configured, and provisioned. Proposal management and writing are just several of many aspects of successful bidding and are perhaps the more easily accomplished tasks you will undertake to win.

ISBN 979-8-9859536-0-2

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Essential Principles of Winning Proposals

The Essential Principles of Winning Proposals

Nine principles of developing winning proposals that have passed the test of time

These nine principles of developing winning proposals have passed the test of time yet are even more relevant in today’s hypercompetitive market environment, which has created similar challenges for all businesses, whether you are pursuing new opportunities in the public sector or in commercial markets.

Improving your capacity to compete has become that much more critical, yet common challenges continue. The nine principles presented in this book will help you address these and other challenges for your business.

ISBN 979-8-9859536-3-3

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Essential Guide to Program Architecture

The Essential Guide to Program Architecture

A structured approach to developing the program architecture early in the proposal process helps the proposal team translate the program vision, strategy, and differentiators into a winnable and executable program.

The Program Architect leads the analysis of the definition and integration of the solicitation requirements to develop the program architecture ensuring the capture team meets its milestones for creating a winning proposal.

This book aims to develop a better understanding of how the program architecture fits into a comprehensive program plan, and provides guidance on creating key artifacts such as the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and Integrated Master Plan and Integrated Master Schedule (IMP/IMS).

ISBN 979-8-9859536-1-9

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