SMA’s Cost Management, Planning and Scheduling Solution

Increased government oversight of programs means that contractors must perform better from the start. Ash Carter, former US Undersecretary of Defense, sponsored legislation that aimed to get programs “started in such a way that they don’t cause problems later.” This emphasis on early program success, and the real threat of program cancellation due to poor performance, calls direct attention to Program Planning and Controls (PP&C) capabilities, and program start up in particular, At SMA, we have a solution.

COMPASS™ Benefits

  • Avoid costly delays at program start-up
  • Avoid rebaselining—do it right the first time
  • Don’t go it alone on your most important programs
  • Get better control of your high risk subcontractors
  • Be compliant, and reduce government scrutiny


Our Cost Management, Planning and Scheduling Solution (COMPASS™) is a comprehensive, integrated cost & schedule solution for programs, especially those with an Earned Value cost management requirement. Proven successful in over 200 programs, COMPASS™ is a recipe for effective program start up, better management baseline, and a better Integrated Baseline Review (IBR). A web-based body of knowledge, COMPASS’s process flow is supported by guides, references, templates, and examples that our PP&C experts use as best practice.

Avoid Costly Program Start-Up Delays

Deploying a team of SMA experts armed with COMPASS™ at program start-up eliminates the risk of delays of finding and deploying a competent PP&C team, learning tools and developing process. It leads to an on-time IBR and assures compliance with government regulations, resulting in reduced government oversight down stream. It also reduces disruption on your engineering team, which can threaten the timelines of design reviews. IBR delays and Corrective Action Requests (CARs) cost real money. Even a one-month IBR delay can cost a program millions of dollars. We can help you avoid these setbacks.
Cost Management COMPASS™

Don’t Go It Alone on Your Most Important Programs

A poor management baseline and IBR are hard to overcome, especially in today’s unforgiving environment and with competitive downselects. Our clients have enjoyed solid program startups, sound PP&C systems, and excellent customer reviews. Yet subcontractors may be ill-equipped to meet your PP&C requirements, leaving you exposed. We can help your subcontractors to meet their scheduling and Earned Value Management System (EVMS) requirements, providing timely data that easily integrates in to your system.

Be Compliant, Reduce External Security

Contractors and programs which are not compliant with government regulations invite scrutiny and increased oversight, and sap cost and energy from program goals. In contrast, COMPASS™-based program planning and control systems are government compliant, inspiring government confidence and leading to far less expensive oversight. Our associates know the regulations and COMPASS™ has metrics to assure compliance. The bottom line is that an SMA client has never failed a government audit.