Milestone Success™ for Technical Reviews

Secure the Future of Your Program

The Technical Review Challenge

As reported by the GAO, “Programs consistently move forward with unrealistic cost and schedule estimates, use immature technologies in launching product develop­ment, and fail to solidify design and manufacturing processes at appropriate points in develop­ment” (GAO-09-3265P, March 2009). Poor scores on a Technical Review are a predictor of:
  • Cost overruns of up to 30%
  • Missed deadlines
  • Customer discontent
  • Missed future opportunities
  • Program failure
“SMA’s Milestone Success™ process saved our engineers countless hours in preparation for the System Requirements Review. The results were fantastic—only one action item after two full days of review.”

Program Manager, A&D client

Our Solution

SMA Milestone Success™ helps you properly manage and complete Technical Reviews, while minimizing the cost and schedule impact of these events on the contract. Our solution uses a proven systems engineering approach and provides a disciplined, strategy-driven process to achieve Technical Review success. SMA Milestone Success™ includes:
  • Assessment of the Technical Review position
  • Alignment of review criteria for customer and you
  • Capturing entrance and exit criteria for the review
  • Development of a strategy to achieve exit criteria
  • Recommendation of actions to complete requirements
  • Preparation of presentation and presenters
  • Effective communication of program status success
  • Augmenting your staff to complete tasks
  • Management of all aspects of Technical Reviews

Why Partner with SMA?

Cost Growth Avoidance

When Technical Reviews are not properly conducted, programs can experience a 30% cost increase, resulting in millions of dollars in cost overruns. Successful completion of Milestone Success™ is proven to avoid cost growth after CDR and help programs stay on-schedule.

Schedule Issue Avoidance

SMA’s Milestone Success™ reduces costly schedule overruns with a focused approach to achieving entrance and exit criteria, which eliminates the need for rework. We help you understand, manage and complete all Technical Review requirements in a timely manner, with minimal impact to the organization’s resources.

Demonstrated Program Understanding

SMA has supported post-award activities on over 150 high-profile programs, resulting in increased program profitability and improved program performance.

The Right Blend of Skills and Experience

SMA Milestone Success™ Associates increase your team’s efficiency and effectiveness by mentoring and coaching your systems engineering staff, and by working as an extension of your organization. Our Associates’ experience includes:
  • Execution of tasks leading to Technical Reviews
  • Generation of technical artifacts for reviews
  • Development and presentation of Technical Reviews
  • Evaluation of reviews from customer and contractor perspective
  • Development of guidance standards for reviews