Strategic insight & market intelligence to help you improve competitive position & pursue opportunities
Capture support & proposal development solutions & on-demand services to help you win new business
Talent, tools & experience to help you perform successfully throughout the program lifecycle

With thirty years of industry experience and a proven process to win new business, we can help you PURSUE the right business opportunities that fit your core competencies and future vision. Our strategic insight and business intelligence will help you match business opportunities to your capabilities and improve your position on future competitive procurements.
When you must win, we are your “go-to” team. Our experienced teams lead you through efficient, effective, and disciplined capture and proposal processes to help you develop the right strategy to WIN new business.
With our depth of program and project management experience, breadth of domain and technical expertise, and leveraged knowledge from proposal activity, we make sure you have the tools, resources, knowledge and insight you need to PERFORM successfully at every stage of the program lifecycle. We offer an integrated set of proven methods and solutions tailored to address your specific challenges.