CSDR Express

Meeting CCDR Requirements for Your Program

What are CSDR and CCDR?

Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDR) is the primary means by which the Department of Defense (DoD) collects data on the cost that contractors incur on DoD programs. This information is used to estimate cost of ongoing and future government programs. The two principal components of the system are Contractor Cost Data Reporting (CCDR) and Software Resources Data Reporting (SRDR). CSDR Express deals with the cost reporting aspects of CSDR only (i.e., CCDR). CSDR requirements pertain to all large and some “high-risk” DoD programs. Contractors who do not meet CSDR requirements are subject to financial and other penalties.

CSDR Express Benefits

  • Allows you to focus on your program, and leave CCDR to us
  • We provide full service CCDR, from initial plan through all client deliverables
  • Our proprietary software and processes produce CCDR reports in a fraction of the time with a 100% government acceptance rate
  • As an independent agent, we deal with sensitive cost data between prime and subcontractors

The Problem: CSDR Compliance

CSDR requirements are not trivial. And CSDR competence is not typically strategic to the program or company. It is an overhead cost and responsibility which contractors should satisfy as quickly and efficiently as possible. Yet, it takes time to understand regulations and how they apply to your program. And more time to implement a solution. CSDR requirements involve huge amounts of cost data, necessitating software tools that are expensive, complex, and require continuous upgrades to remain current.
CSDR Express

The Solution: SMA for CSDR

For the last eight years we have focused on the CCDR portion of CSDR. Investing several million dollars, we designed processes and developed a toolset that takes a fraction of the time to produce CCDR reports. We continue to invest heavily to keep our solution and consultants current with changing government requirements. We produce CCDR reports for our clients in a fraction of the time, with a 100% government acceptance rate. This saves you time and money, and makes a favorable impression on the government. And, as an independent agent, we can deal with sensitive cost data between prime and subcontractors without compromising confidentiality. Through experience, investment & focus, we solve the CSDR problem efficiently and accurately, allowing you to focus on areas of more importance to your program.