We have helped our clients win over $10 billion in international business since 2014

This success is because we:
  • Have a Global Perspective: In the last few years we have delivered projects in Europe, Asia and the Middle East
  • Are Independent: We are not captive to existing biases or internal politics. We only want to get the best possible view of what it will take to win new business
  • Have a Great Network: In many countries we have connections at the head of state or ministerial level. We also have a deep network of retired US and UK intelligence officers, diplomats, and military officers. We can always find someone who has insight.
  • Go in Person: We send a senior team into the field (often at the 3- or 4-star level) and use our network to access decision makers and real insiders. We don’t believe you can get sufficient insights from an office inside the Beltway.
  • Use a Proven Method: Our analytical approach to stakeholder mapping and decision analysis replaces anecdotes with evidence. We are strategic advisors, not “door openers”
We would like to help you win more international business!

Recent International Projects

United Kingdom: Helped a major prime contractor with a Price to Win assessment of a billion dollar competition; Assessed stakeholders and process including in HM Treasury
Denmark: Helped the largest Danish defense company with their Middle East strategy; Identified opportunities and partners
Poland: Helped a US prime contractor win a $3 billion contract; Used trusted relationships to identify decision makers and assess competitors
Belgium: Competitor analysis for $500 million bid to NATO; Worked with senior former NATO staff, including military commander of NATO
Germany: For a US prime contractor, created stakeholder and process maps for a multi-billion dollar program; Identified new stakeholders in the Finance Ministry
Switzerland: Helped a Swiss company identify new markets; Identified civilian applications for defense expertise and processes
Israel: Identified new civilian markets for a $1 billion company; Performed a mergers & acquisition (M&A) scan of 300 companies for new investment opportunities
Saudi Arabia: Performed competitor analysis for offshore protection; Industrial base strategy for Saudi government; Helped set up Saudi NSC for senior Prince
Qatar: Helped a US prime contractor win a $7 billion contract; Worked with senior contacts in the Qatari government to develop bid strategy
United Arab Emirates: Analyzed competitiveness of UAE for the Abu Dhabi government; Ran a scenarios workshop for the Abu Dhabi Executive Council
Japan: For US company, analyzed stakeholders and decision process for a UAV competition; Identified impact of current policy changes on this and future competitions
Republic of Korea
South Korea: Helped a US prime contractor win a multi-million dollar contract for fighter jet development

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