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Pursue and Win Business Opportunities…

Today’s procurement environment is more competitive than ever. When you must win, SMA delivers. We help you develop the right strategy to deliver a winner. With years of success in capture and proposal leadership and an 85% win rate, our team leads you through efficient, effective, and disciplined processes. Since 1982, we have supported our clients in delivering more than 3,000 proposals resulting in contracts valued in excess of $400 billion.
Management Consulting

Strategy, Competitiveness, and Growth

We provide market and competitive strategy, innovation building, capability evaluation and development, competitive assessment and price to win, and strategy analytics. We have a track record of impactful engagements based on a powerful network of senior advisors that provide detailed and nuanced insights into customers, stakeholders, competitors, programs and technologies, skilled consultants with access to a wide range of resources, and tools and proven robust methodologies to extract meaning from data.
Capture Support

Capture Support & Win Strategy

SMA has extensive experience providing Capture Managers who can effectively lead your team to a winning strategy and lower your overall capture costs. Our capture support brings cost and schedule rigor to the capture phase. We provide experienced, pro­fessional capture managers that know what it takes to win. Our data-driven assess­ment builds the foundation for an orderly, flexible process that spotlights technical, manage­ment and price readiness to win.
Capture Support and Proposal Development

Proposal Management & Writing

Our proposal development associates are more than simply “process mechanics.” They understand why the various artifacts and reviews in our proposal development process are necessary to achieve a winning proposal, and have the experience and leadership to work through and modify processes to achieve proposal objectives. Leveraging this capability is one reason why we have been so successful over 40 years of providing acquisition management services.
Data Visualization and Publications

Graphics & Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Compelling content is most effective when it is professionally presented in an attention grabbing and visually appealing format. Our Data Visualization & Publications team pro­duces products that capture the attention of the reader with graphs, tables, and artwork that tell the story with clarity and sufficient detail, and persuasive content. They provide compelling and detailed technical graphics, complex desktop publishing, information graphics and graphical modeling, visual arts analytics, and videography​ for our clients’ proposals and programs.

Perform Successfully…

Managing programs requires integrated solutions tailored to address the unique cost, schedule, and technical challenges of each program. We understand these challenges, and we have implemented a management framework to assess your enterprise and/or program needs, and bring the right people, process, and tools to any engagement. For more than 25 years, we have provided solutions that incorporate proven best practices, developed by industry leading program planning & control, and program & technical management subject matter experts.

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