EVMS Mock Review

What is an EVMS Mock Review?

An EVMS Mock Review tests an EVMS for compliance with EIA‑748. It is useful for clients seeking a validation of their EVMS, and for those who must demonstrate that their EVMS is once again compliant. It simulates a full, customer review, such as a Progress Assessment Visit, a Validation Review or a Compliance Review.

EVMS Mock Review Benefits

  • Increases your likelihood of a favorable government review
  • Significantly reduces the risk of a poor customer review
  • Increases the effectiveness of your EVMS
  • Gives you insights from EVM industry experts

Why Conduct a Mock Review?

An EVMS Mock Review identifies problem areas in time to correct them prior to the real review. This reduces the risk of a poor customer review, with the attendant negative consequences. By following the recommendations of our industry experts, you also can increase the effectiveness of your EVMS as a management tool.

Why Hire SMA for a Mock Review?

Contractors often don’t have the time, independence or the comprehensive knowledge of the EIA‑748 requirements to conduct a meaningful assessment of their own EVMS. SMA has both. We know what reviewers will ask for (some of our people are former government reviewers). We know the best way to conduct a review and the best way to prepare for one. As an independent third party, we are able to make dispassionate assessments and recommendations.