CAM EVMS Training

The Faster, Shorter Road to EVMS Competence

This proven course will help your Control Account Managers (CAMs) quickly master the fundamentals of Earned Value Management (EVM), making them more productive and effective. Delivered to over 15,000 CAMs and other key program management personnel, our streamlined course, packed with hands on exercises, and presented by EVM professionals, gets CAMs up to speed with EVM in three days.

CAM EVMS Training Benefits

  • Fast and effective way to learn the basics of EVM
  • More than 15,000 students over 20 years
  • Part of an integrated CAM training curriculum
  • Backed up by a full range of EVMS services

Better Program Reviews

Thirty-five years of experience has shown that a program has better reviews if your CAMs know their roles in supporting EVM. The training is most applicable to Progress Assessment Visits, Validation Reviews, Compliance Reviews, and Surveillance Reviews.

Reduced Risk Through Training

Continued training is critical for maintaining your investment in the development and deployment of the EVMS for your program. On-going education enables an organization to improve the project management practice, resulting in better project execution and increased profits.

Comprehensive CAM Training

This course is part of an integrated CAM training curriculum designed to make CAMs and other team members more effective at supporting EVMS for their program. The curriculum includes: this three-day CAM Training Course, CAM Interview Coaching, CAM Certification, and client system-specific training.

More Experienced Trainers

Our instructors are professionals who don’t just teach EVMS, they are experienced EVMS implementers and users. They breathe life and relevance to EVM principles through years of hands on EVMS experience, sharing valuable lessons learned and best practices.

Full Range of EVMS Services

SMA does more than train… we actually do EVM. If your EVMS implementation needs additional support, we can provide it. This training course is part of a comprehensive set of products and services to get and keep your EVMS providing meaningful management information. Additional EVMS services include: EVMS Gap Analysis, Mock Reviews, CAM Interview Coaching, CAM Certification, System Evaluation, Implementation Planning, System Design, Documentation, Custom Training, and Third Party Surveillance.