EVMS Gap Analysis

Jumpstart the Earned Value Compliance/Certification Process

What is an EVMS Gap Analysis and why conduct one? An EVMS (Earned Value Management System) Gap Analysis determines whether your existing management processes satisfy EVMS requirements (as defined by EIA‑748) for the entire organization or for a particular program. Contractors typically retain SMA to conduct a Gap Analysis if their company is new to the rigors of EVMS requirements, or if they are encountering implementation/​compliance issues.

EVMS Gap Analysis Benefits

  • A valuable first step to implement a certified EVMS
  • Reveals gaps which can be addressed
  • Expedites the EVMS certification process
  • Over 25 years of corporate EVMS experience ensures a fast, cost-effective implementation
An EVMS Gap Analysis answers the questions:
  • Do existing management processes comply with EVMS guidelines?
  • Are personnel following the processes?
  • Do the supporting systems provide timely and accurate information?
  • If not, what changes should be made?

How We Conduct a Gap Analysis

The assessment consists of three main activities: a review of any existing system documentation, interviews with your key personnel, and an analysis of program data. We build on existing management processes rather than replacing them wholesale.
In advance of visiting the your site, we review any existing policies, procedures, and guidelines. We also provide a suggested agenda and a list of your personnel who should be scheduled for interviews.
Once on site, we conduct interviews with personnel in the Program Management Office, Integrated Product Teams, functional organizations and others to understand how you manage various types of programs.
We categorize our findings to ensure that all aspects of the EVMS have been addressed. On completion of the analysis, we ensure our clients have a thorough understanding of the gaps between their existing processes and the EVMS guidelines, as well as a plan to close those gaps.

Outputs of a Gap Analysis

We deliver a briefing to your team including:
  • Findings and observations for existing management processes and how they comply with EVMS guidelines
  • An evaluation of any existing System Description, procedures, reports, etc.
  • Recommendations to address the gaps in complying with the EVMS guidelines
As an option, we can deliver a full, written report with our findings. Most clients, however, find the briefing sufficient.

Filling in the Gaps

Should the analysis reveal gaps, we can develop a detailed implementation plan to address them. This plan will address the design, documentation, training, implementation, and preparation for the validation or compliance review of the EVMS.

Why SMA for EVMS?

We have been an industry leader in EVMS for more than 25 years. In fact, members of our team helped shape EVMS concepts and principles at its inception in the 1960s. We have helped over 200 companies/programs obtain or retain their EVMS certification. In many instances, our involvement begins with a Gap Analysis. This vast expertise and focus enables us to deliver the following to our clients:
  • Cost-effective EVMS implementations
  • EVMS results that inform and support management decision-making
  • On-point explanations of government customer expectations