CEO Book Club Vol. 1: “The Organic Growth Playbook”

Welcome to the CEO Book Club! What and why does Ajay Patel read?  Starting off the new year, Ajay Patel, CEO of SMA, has just read “The Organic Growth Playbook” by Bernard J. Jaworski and Robert S. Lurie. Here are his comments.

Growth is the elusive goal of all companies. It’s remarkably challenging for businesses to consistently achieve year-over-year growth organically. Many companies resort to acquisitions when they feel that they’ve run out of options to penetrate markets and generate new revenues. The American Marketing Association has lauded this book as bringing marketing into the 21st century—the age of data, social, mobile, and automation. 20th-century marketing focused on product features and has largely run the course. This book presents an innovative approach to understanding customer behaviors and how to influence them to drive growth.

Why is Ajay reading this book? According to Ajay, we need new ways of thinking and techniques to drive sales growth. This book is particularly pertinent to SMA. SMA has an enviable 40-year track record of helping clients win new business. The firm invented new methods and processes to help clients become more competitive in their markets. The ideas in The Organic Growth Playbook are consistent with SMA’s timeless principles of winning but are also the basis for new competitive thinking needed for SMA’s clients to succeed in this new age of competition in which old assumptions are no longer true and new rules are being created. The Organic Growth Playbook will force companies to rethink how they do business, how they innovate, and how they win in markets. Click HERE if you need help to “activate high-yield behaviors to achieve extraordinary results—every time.”

“The Organic Growth Playbook” is also the topic of our upcoming Global Town Hall event on February 23rd. Stay tuned for more info on this event!

Published on January 23, 2023 by

Nicole Matar