CEO Book Club Vol 6: “Brainwashed: A New History of Thought Control”

Welcome back to the CEO Book Club! Ajay Patel, CEO of SMA, has a wide range of interests and is a voracious reader. This week he is reading “Brainwashed” by Daniel Pick of the University of London. Ajay was recently in London for a business meeting, and whenever in London, he enjoys spending a few hours at Daunts Books in the Marylebone neighborhood. On this trip, he couldn’t resist taking “Brainwashed” off the shelf and reading a few pages—then buying the book since “it was a captivating book on an unusual topic.”

What is Brainwashing?  The author uses a broad definition of brainwashing as the different ways in which our thoughts and beliefs are influenced, shaped, or controlled. The book is a serious study of a fascinating topic. Mr. Pick’s book is a wide-ranging compendium on influence including media studies, political history, and psychology. The author starts with the Cold War and takes us on a tour of the science, art, and technology of influence to the modern day. The book helps us better understand some of the most tragic periods of history, and the seemingly inexplicable beliefs of some politicians, voters, and conspiracists.

“Brainwashing” as defined by Daniel Pick includes the use of media and advertising by businesses, covering the golden age of advertising starting in the 60s. This book gives an interesting perspective and offers new insights into marketing strategies. This book is not just for the intellectually curious, but can also help you develop new insights into marketing strategies for your business.

Published on March 8, 2023 by

Nicole Matar