It’s Time to “Reboot” Earned Value Management

SMA Senior Program Advisor, Wayne Abba, recently published an opinion piece on the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) website, stated the need for the US Department of Defense to “reboot” the Earned Value Management (EVM) process to meet the needs of modern defense acquisitions in a more timely and less onerous manner. Wayne says in his article, “The result should be a process ‘rebooted’ to help DoD program managers and their contractors deliver on, or ahead of, schedule, on or under budget, and meet or beat performance goals.

He added, “This is a fundamental change in emphasis. The audit-like DoD compliance process is sclerotic. It is implemented by external specialists who lack detailed knowledge of the project and have no stake in the outcome. They naturally focus on contractors’ process and procedure documentation and data precision, often to a fault, and at the expense of mutually respectful government-industry relationships. The excessive requirements add unnecessary cost and complexity.

You can read Wayne’s article on the DAU website at https://www.dau.edu/library/defense-atl/blog/Reboot-Earned-Value-Management.

Published on March 3, 2023 by

Dick Eassom, CF APMP Fellow