Proposal Assessment: Are You Ready for Your Next Review?

Our free online Proposal Assessment is a quick and easy way to test your current proposal against best practices. This is most helpful prior to a color-team review but can be taken at any time. The survey can be for a specific section, volume, or the whole proposal. You can also use it in a lessons learned activity. The questions look for evidence that Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) best practices were used across six categories of practice and is process agnostic. You should have a copy of the proposal in front of you as you take the survey. Our Proposal Assessment covers:
  • 1
    Proposal Structure and Story Design: Is the proposal structured in a way that makes it easy to evaluate, demonstrates compliance, and is compelling?
  • 2
    Correct, Consistent, Concise, Clear, and Compelling Writing: Does the proposal writing convey credibility and confidence, and is it easy to understand?
  • 3
    Visual Literacy and Graphics: Does the proposal deliver a compelling story through the thoughtful use of style and graphics?
  • 4
    Buyer Values: Does the proposal address buyer values and concerns beyond just what is stated in the RFP, or an attribute of the product or service?
  • 5
    Win Themes and Discriminators: Does the proposal incorporate the win strategy as win themes to differentiate your offering and establish it as the preferred solution?
  • 6
    Focus on Benefits: Does the proposal not only describe the features of your solution, but how these features benefit the buying customer?
Take the Assessment
Please note that if you are a visitor to our SMA Learning Management System, you can only take the first two of the six modules. You can create a FREE, no obligation SMA Talent On Demand (TOD)® Client account to access the other four assessment modules. A TOD® Client account gives you access to an exclusive network of vetted talent. TOD's algorithm deciphers the requirements for your project and identifies the candidates with the best experience for your project:

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