Win Strategy Assessment

How confident are you that you have the right win strategy? Take this quick self assessment before your bid/no-bid decision, or at any time during your pursuit to track your confidence. The survey is based on the six timeless attributes of good win strategy decisions for "Making Winning Choices™":
  • 1
    Is your win strategy CREATIVE? Will it differentiate you from your competitors? Does it consider all the customer stakeholders? Will it be new and a "game-changer"?
  • 2
    Is your win strategy GENUINE? Was it the result of considering all the choices available, forcing you to make tradeoffs, and prioritize and commit resources?
  • 3
    Is your win strategy ROBUST? Is it based on logical definition of what you have to do to win, with each condition having a clear burden of proof?
  • 4
    Is your win strategy ACTIONABLE? Does it provide planned tasks with responsible resources and a schedule? Can it be tracked? Can it guide your team?
  • 5
    Is your win strategy COMPLETE? Does it define your technical offer? Your delivery organization, including partners and subcontractors? Your approach to meeting performance and managing risk? Your business deal?
  • 6
    Is your win strategy COMPELLING? Is the entire team committed to it, logically and emotionally? Will it give the customer a clear choice to select you?
Take the Assessment
Please note that if you are a visitor to our SMA Learning Management System, you can only take the first two of the six modules. You can create a FREE, no obligation SMA Talent On Demand (TOD)® Client account to access the other four assessment modules. A TOD® Client account gives you access to an exclusive network of vetted talent. TOD's algorithm deciphers the requirements for your project and identifies the candidates with the best experience for your project:

Next Steps

We have been helping our clients Pursue and Win new business opportunities since 1982. If you need an independent view of your win strategy for your "must win" pursuits, contact us: