Four Steps to Getting Past Your Motivation Slump

Every organization has “that person.” The one with seemingly boundless energy; they are first in the office, always dressed well, on top of their To Do List, and a community leader just to fill their spare time. We all watch and think to ourselves, “Why wasn’t I born that way?”  The fact is, you were born that way. The secret to that kind of energy? Passion.

by Kyle Green

This isn’t an article on finding the job you love or pursuing your dreams as a career. If you can do that, good for you; you are among a select minority. Most of us have jobs that we find somewhat meaningful, that give us a sense of purpose or accomplishment, but that are not tied directly to what makes us passionate. We tend to wake up in the morning thinking about the problems, struggles, and challenges that we are facing, personal or professional. We start our days on the defensive, trying to fight off the feeling of being crushed under the weight of our responsibilities.

It is time to flip that script and use your passion as your source of energy. Take the next 10 minutes and work through an exercise with me (no gym clothes required). Go grab a pen and piece of paper.  (I find 3×5 notecards particularly useful.)

Step 1: Identify Your Challenges

At the top of a notecard write: Today’s Challenges

Now throw that card in the trash.

Step 2: Identify Your Passions

Grab three notecards, and at the top of each write down one thing that make you want to DO something. Perhaps it is your kid(s), partner, faith, community, or hobby. Whatever it is should make you feel something just to write it down; it should create a picture in your mind of a better you.

Step 3: Identify Your Actions

Now flip each of those cards over and write down three things you can do each day to fuel that passion. You are not trying to change the world in a single day. You are trying to change your world every day.

Is environmental protection a passion? An action could be walking around the block, picking up trash. Is professional development a passion? You could read a book chapter or watch a relevant lecture, live or online (I am a fan of TED Talks).

Step 4: Take Action Every Day

You wanted to know where that endless energy comes from? This is it: Every day, pick at least one thing off your Action List and DO it.

The cumulative value of little acts creates momentum that can carry you through your next motivational slump. By engaging your passion every day, you give yourself the motivation you need to tackle the next challenge, no matter how big it is, because you understand that there is a bigger purpose and plan. Your plan.

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Published on April 23, 2020 by

Dick Eassom, CF APMP Fellow