Your Win Strategy Should NOT Be a Black Box!

Strategy is about the choices you make to create a differentiation in the market. It’s about how your customers see that your offer is different. A good strategy will guide the actions you take before, during and after a competition for a specific opportunity. A good strategy is rooted in transparent logic that can be tested and validated.

Today, industry relies on tired approaches to developing win strategies for competed opportunities. The tired approaches usually rely on a Pythia (the Oracle of Delphi) who will know the strategy and all she needs to do is to tell you the answer, or a Socrates to take you through a list of questions and somehow the answer lies somewhere in the answers. These approaches lead to strategies that are oftentimes not actionable because they are not based on authentic choices, or fall apart because of lack of internal consensus, or fail to be responsive to changes with customer desires or competitors’ moves.

How do you know if your strategy is creative, genuine, robust, actionable, and compelling—the hallmarks of winning strategies?

You can take our 15 minute online win strategy assessment. If you scored at the top of your class, then read no further.

We can help. We have recognized these challenges and have pioneered a new and intellectually agile approach to developing successful win strategies. We call this approach Making Winning Choices. The methodology builds on the foundation of SMA’s traditional practice that avoids protracted decision-making while still being transparent and repeatable. Making Winning Choices is team-based and depends on identifying evidence that establishes a clear, explainable burden of proof for key questions. Just as important, it is adaptable to unique, albeit often changing, proposal requirements and circumstances. pursuit.

Making Winning Choices has repeatedly proven itself, resulting in win strategies that embody all of the attributes of “good” strategy decisions. They are creative, genuine, robust, actionable and, above all, compelling.

TalkWe recently published a complete kit of materials in our Talent on Demand (TOD)® Learning Management System that can help you on your next pursuit. For more information call +1.949.975.1550 extension 2, or Contact Us.

Published on March 12, 2021 by

Dick Eassom, CF APMP Fellow