EVMS Assessment: How Do Your Implementation and Practice Score Against EIA-748?

Our free online EVMS Assessment is a quick and easy way to assess the alignment of your Earned Value Management System (EVMS) with the EIA-748 guidelines. Through the survey, you can identify gaps in the utilization of people, processes, and tools ensure consistency with the Integrated Program Management Data and Analysis Report (IPMDAR) requirements and EIA-748 guidelines. The questions looks for objective evidence that your implementation meets the intent of the EIA-748 guidelines. Please have a copy of your system description with you during the survey. Given the scope of an EVMS implementation, you may ask for input from other members of your firm (e.g. Accounting or Manufacturing). Our EVMS Assessment covers:

  1. General Assessment: Assess your general EVMS capabilities
  2. Organization: Assess your capabilities to satisfy EIA-748-C Guidelines 1–5
  3. Planning, Scheduling, and Budgeting: Assess your capabilities to satisfy EIA-748-C Guidelines 6–15
  4. Accounting Considerations: Assess your capabilities to satisfy EIA-748-C Guidelines 16–21
  5. Analysis and Management Reporting: Assess your capabilities to satisfy EIA-748-C Guidelines 22–27
  6. Revisions and Data Maintenance: Assess your capabilities to satisfy EIA-748-C Guidelines 28–32

Take the Assessment

Please note that if you are a visitor to our SMA Learning Management System, you can only take the first two of the six modules. You can create a free, no obligation SMA Talent On Demand (TOD)® Client account to access the other four assessment modules. A TOD® Client account gives you access to an exclusive network of vetted talent. TOD’s algorithm deciphers the requirements for your project and identifies the candidates with the best experience for your project.

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Published on November 2, 2020 by

Dick Eassom, CF APMP Fellow